DUGA S.P.C 3 discount sale

DUGA S.P.C 3 discount sale

at DUGA、Semen bukkake specialty label S.P.C has a 30% OFF sale!

Titled "S.P.C 30% OFF Sale"、
Targeting S.P.C's "semi-new" and "old"、We are holding a discount campaign。

During the campaign period、
S.P.C's "semi-new" and "old" [Limited time offer] FALENO GROUP Great Thanksgiving Half Price Sale、
"R planning" so、On sale。
Campaign period: 2022June 1, 2022 (water) noon ~ June 15, 2022 (water) noon
Campaign target: S.P.C's "Semi-new work」「Old work

DUGA S.P.C 3 discount sale
What is S.P.C?[Total 287 works]
The actress is particular about gokkuning the Tokuno semen that is firmly accumulated by amateur semen enthusiasts、fake juice、Rubber blower、Let's do it、None at all。I'm good at (like) blowjob、Carefully selected actresses on condition that you can drink semen for 10 people or more、While discussing with each actress、Create a work that suits the character each time。

Speaking of manufacturers for true semen enthusiasts、
in the old days、Shuttle Japan、milky cat、now、this、S.P.C.、Classic。

Appearance is、i love man semen in real life、Only models who like genuine semen。
Continuous blowjob、Semen cum swallow、ball licking、Blowjob walk etc.、First of all, the number of perverted semen play。

Cum volunteer!」「Blow walk」「Marunomi!"Such、
popular series is、Undoubtedly all works、You will want to align。

Every girl、bona fide、As much as I like semen、After clasping many cocks、blowjob looking at camera。
further、Semen put out in the mouth、With a smile、Show off to the camera、
gulp! Make a noise、The appearance of swallowing deliciously、Full of highlights!

Videos from manufacturers specializing in deep mania、Although the price is often high、
30% off、4280Yen → 2996 yenAll works 3 discount、Because it's pretty cheap、

With a big stomach。 please、take this opportunity、Licking a double-headed dildo

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DUGA S.P.C 30% OFF campaign