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DUGA Otsuka Floppy 3 Discount Sale

Titled "Otsuka Floppy Discount Sale"、
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Otsuka Floppy's "semi-new work" and "old work" [Limited time offer] FALENO GROUP Great Thanksgiving Half Price Sale、"R planning" so、On sale。
Campaign period: 2022October 26, 2022 (water) noon to November 9, 2022 (water) noon
Campaign target: Otsuka Floppy's "Semi-new work」「Old work

DUGA Otsuka Floppy 3 Discount Sale
What is Otsuka Floppy?[Total 458 works]
Excretion art created by completely natural stool! ! ! Otsuka Floppy is a scat specialty label for enthusiasts who understand the difference.。The "poop" that sticks out from the girl's anus is the most beautiful。The staff who love poop and can't stop、Please take a look at the excretion art work that I made with all my heart.。



Put in a hard punch that doesn't need to be touched mercilessly! It was、Top ranking in popularity、SM、exposed、Queen... etc.、
Not sold on other video sites、super maniac k、Niche videos are strong!

just now、Weak Yen & Strong Dollar、overseas sites、Because it feels overpriced、
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